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You Can Make A Difference

Cornerstone Children's Home provides comprehensive care for children who have no one else to care for them. This includes food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and lots of love in a Christian environment. Through child sponsorship, you can be personally involved in helping a child in Sudan. Your involvement will help to fully fund all the expenses involved in raising the child.

How It Works

Below you will find a few children up for sponsorship. Please take a moment to read these children's stories. Choose the child you would like to sponsor and the amount you would like to give. $30 a month will take care of food, clothing, and medical for a child. $100 a month will fully fund, all of a child's needs including providing a safe home, education, parental figures, and enrichment activities.

Some of the children have special needs such as medical conditions or continuing education. Please consider giving a one time or monthly donation to cover these costs.

Fulaa Lifeline International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Lodu Stephen

Lagu James

Luke Oriem

Margaret Achiro

Mary Akwero

Muja Joyce

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